At KLDCC competitions are a large part of our calendar and we strive to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment for our members. We are also proud to participate with other camera clubs and photographic societies in inter club competitions. Viewing only 6 or 8 images from each club or society we are seeing the best each club has to offer, allowing us to see work that may not otherwise be seen. With such a high standard it also gives our members a challenge, one they are happy to rise to.
We believe that anyone who would like to participate in interclub competitions must be encouraged.  Members are invited to submit their work for consideration, whether the images have been used in our own club competitions or not. Whilst being mindful of competition rules, and judging guidelines from the likes of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britian (PAGB) and in our case from the East Anglian Federation (EAF), we offer any member that is interested our help, and constructive feedback. Not only that, but also, for print competitions the club will often pay the printing and mounting costs for the member so as to make this as inclusive as possible.
We regularly compete, are challenged but by maintaining the highest standards, we hold our own against the likes of PICO, Deeping Camera Club, Peterborough Camera club, Cambridge Camera club, and many more.
This year’s competition include.
KLDCC v Ely – this is an interclub battle that is closely fought each year between the 2 clubs and is judged by Nick Acers. This year (2023 -2024) it is our turn to host the event and it will be on a regular club night. (see program for the date)
The Pat Goode Memorial Shield – is an annual competition organized by Wisbech & District Camera Club who welcomed 12 clubs from Lincolnshire Cambridgeshire and Norfolk to commemorate former president Pat Goode. Awards for best print and best projected digital Image, along with the shield for the overall wining club are presented on the night.
The clubs that took part in November 2022 were Brancaster CC, Hunstanton CC, Photographic Imaging Co-Operative (PICO), Peterborough PS, Ely PC, Wisbech & District CC, North Norfolk PS, Peterborough CCC, Deepings CC, King’s Lynn & District CC, Spalding PS and March CC.
St Ives interprint run by St Ives Photographic Club is an Annual print competition and takes place at the Free Church, St Ives, Cambridgeshire. The prints are all displayed in an exhibition format during the day where the judge will view the prints, make notes and score them all in readiness of the final judging in the evening. There are awards for the overall winning club, individual best print, and a number for runners up, including a number of PAGD ribbons are awarded.
Peter Brotherhood Challenge Cup – This competition is so called because the trophy was originally awarded by the local firm, Brotherhoods in 1992. It has been held every year since then. It is open to up to 15 photographic clubs or societies within an approximate 40 mile radius of Peterborough.
The competition is for Projected Digital Images (PDIs) and each club is asked to submit 8 each, so with 15 clubs taking part a total of 120 images of a very high standard and a very enjoyable competition.
Cambridge Inter-Club Digital Competition, run by Cambridge Camera Club, is also a PID competition and as well as the winning club, who last year was Photographic Imaging Co-Operative (PICO) the overall winning image is awarded the Roy Pitman Award.
Cambridge Camera Club and long been a very successful and well-respected club and KLDCC hope to continue being included in the competition for many more years to come
This is just a small part of what King’s Lynn and District Camera club offers to its members.
If you are from another camera club and would like to talk about asking us to join your inter club competitions, have a one to one competition or even share activities like high profile speakers and expertly run workshops on subjects like long exposure, night photography. location portraiture and many more please contact us at