At KLDCC we want to always be inclusive, regardless of experience, ability, equipment and so on, every member is welcome. To this end, if there is a style of photography, subject or piece of kit you would like o know more about or to try, please let us know. Our program sec can be emailed at
However, it is also understood that we are not all interested in the same things, have the same creative vision and aspirations. For many of us it is that very difference that makes the club so good and even if we are not interested in taking a particular image ourselves, we take pleasure in seeing others work.
To help those that are like minded and who share an idea, a passion or just want to get together with other member and work on some photography we have Special Interest Groups (SIG)
A special interest group can be almost anything, and can be set up by any member, they don’t have to have a regular meeting place or even a regular meeting,  that can all be arranged within the SIG to meet the needs and aims of the SIG. There are just a few simple guidelines that we ask you to follow.
1. All SIG’s set up as part of KLDCC must be open to all KLDCC members
2. Each SIG must have a lead member and that member must be happy to have the detail of the group published on the Website, with a contact email address.
3. All activity’s of the SIG  must at all time comply with all KLDCC policies.
Here is a list of the SIG’s currently active. This is a short list, full details, including contact email address can be found on the members page.
Beginners group – this is intended to to help new or less experienced members to use the cameras, lenses and computer software more effectively. 
Distinction Group – for anyone wanting to, or already in the proses of submitting a destination, of any level with either the RPS, PAGB or any other photography body.
Studio Group – for any member to take part in studio photography, including finding locations, arranging subject and putting a setup together.
The beginners group will organise meeting amongst the members to look at:-
1. Understanding camera setting, lens choice, metering modes, focus setting etc. 
2. Look at how to approach a photography situation, how to make the best of the light, looking for interesting to include discussion on tips and tricks to get the best out of the shoot.
3. Look in more detail and discuss what kit do you need, look at the compromises that are often faced when choosing kit, like quality verses cost, weight speed etc.
4. Selecting images, processing and editing, what software and can we make things easer for you.
The members of the group are encouraged to request session on anything they find difficult or have never tried before. 
Meetings will be arranged a suitability location according to the subject chosen for that session and the frequency will depend on the availability of the members.
To join this SIG please email quoting beginners SIG.